Maria Theuerkauff and team

Freelance Active Sourcer Digital & Tech Recruiter
Working as a small Team of experienced Freelance Recruiters

My name is Maria, I am passionate about IT Recruitment.

I would be happy to help you as Active Sourcer & Recruiter specializing in IT/Digital/eCommerce/Online Marketing.

I have a team of External Recruiters to support for the bigger project when you need to build a Talent pipeline and recruit more people during the high seasons.

This is how to help companies to grow:
Interim Recruiting (End2End)
Active Sourcing, Interviews, HR-Consulting
Performance Recruiting
Building up long term Talent Pools
Working experience since 2006 as an Interim or Freelance Recruiters

100 plus fullfilled vacancies

LinkedIn ~10 K followers

5 years of experience in the IT/digital market in DACH and the EU
Full Service Headhunter Placings
"Fix the problem." (Research, Active Sourcing, Longlist, Shortlist, Calls, Assessment, Presentation, Guarantee) will be 15% of the candidates' yearly salary when placed with 3 to 6 months of guarantee.
Pipeline Service
Research, Active Sourcing, Longlist, and Quick calls, will be about one month of the candidate's salary when placed with 3 months of the guarantee.
Hourly Rate for your flexibility
HR Processes (Active Sourcing, ATS, Candidate Pathing, Job Offers ) will be 30-50€ depending on the complexity of the task.
Providing high-quality reliable subcontractors
or outsourcing for your business (Front and Backend Developers, UI/UX Designers, Copywriters, DevOps, Data Scientists). Lower price, English speakers, years of experience, capacity to work ASAP.
Ongoing experience with Digital boards, softs and networks
  • Asana - Trello - Slack;
  • Greenhouse - Personio - Taleo - Workday;
  • Google accounts;
  • LinkedIn "Recruiter" and "Corporate" licenses;
  • Xing;
  • "Amazing hiring" and other tech recruiting platforms to source and hire the best software engineers, QA engineers, data scientists, UX/UI designers, and other specialists across social networks and professional communities.
Skills and knowledge
  • Excellent Knowledge of LinkedIn
  • Boolean and Deep Web search;
  • X-Ray Searching
  • Fluent language skills in English;
  • German - working proficiency
  • HR analytics tools
  • Salery Analytics
  • Recruiting Assessment
HRs support for Startups
We love start-up spirit and always ready to help Founders to create a talent pool, support a team culture, implement the best practice.
I believe in a transparent recruitment process. I appreciate the time of my candidates and always trying to give the full picture of the company I am recruiting for.
Recommendation letters from Clients

Candidate feedbacks

Working with Maria is a nice mix between professionalism and pleasant interaction. Always solution-oriented and even in stressful situations she always stayed cool.
Senior Account Executive at LinkedIn
I am Dimitri and I can highly recommend Maria as a recruiter based on my own experience. Maria successfully got me a position in a tech-sales company I've only dreamed to work for.
Coming from a totally different industry, I would have never guessed that someone would give me a chance to get a recruiter in such a different world.
Maria has always been professional, empathetic, communicative, and has had the right intuition to not only give companies a good candidate but to give candidates a good company to work for. I'll always be grateful for this life-changing opportunity Maria gave me a chance for.
Dear future clients, if we don't know each other please take the time to give me an Intro "about you" and I will make the best possible influence on your company.


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