Maria Theuerkauff and Team

Active Sourcer
& Digital Tech Recruiter
Working as a small Team of experienced Freelance Recruiters

My name is Maria, I am passionate about IT Recruitment.

I would be happy to help you as an Active Sourcer & Recruiter specializing in IT/Digital/eCommerce/Online Marketing.

Our team of External Recruiters will be delighted to support you in your major projects. We will help you

build a Talent pipeline and recruit more people during high seasons.

This is how to help companies grow:
Interim Recruiting (End2End)
Active Sourcing, Interviews, HR-Consulting
Performance Recruiting
Building up Talent Pools
Working as Interim or Freelance Recruiters since 2006

~10 K LinkedIn followers

5 years of experience in the IT/digital market in DACH (in German-speaking) and the EU
Turnkey Headhunter Placings
We will "fix the problem" (Research, Active Sourcing, Longlist, Shortlist, Calls, Assessment, Presentation, Guarantee) will be 15% of the candidates' yearly salary when placed with 3 to 6 months of guarantee.
Pipeline Service
Research, Active Sourcing, Longlist, and Quick calls, will be about one month of the candidate's salary when placed with 3 months of the guarantee.

Hourly Rate for Your Flexibility

HR Processes (Active Sourcing, ATS - Applicant tracking system & recruiting software, Candidate Pathing, Job Offers ) will be 30-50€ depending on the complexity of the task.

High-quality Reliable Subcontractors and outsourcers for your business

(Frontend and Backend Developers, UI/UX Designers, Copywriters, DevOps, Data Scientists). You will enjoy all our advantages: reasonable prices as well as English-speaking staff with years of experience and the ability to perform ASAP.

Vast and growing experience with Digital boards, softs and networks:
  • Asana - Trello - Slack;
  • Greenhouse - Personio - Taleo - Workday;
  • Google accounts;
  • LinkedIn "Recruiter" and "Corporate" licenses;
  • Xing;
  • "Amazing hiring" and other tech recruiting platforms for sourcing and hiring top-class software engineers, QA engineers, data scientists, UX/UI designers, and other specialists across social networks and professional communities.
Skills and Expertise
  • Excellent Command of LinkedIn
  • Boolean and Deep Web search;
  • X-Ray Search;
  • Fluent language skills in English;
  • Working proficiency in German;
  • HR analytics tools;
  • Salary Analytics;
  • Recruiting Assessment.
HRs support for Startups


admire the start-up spirit and are always happy to help Founders create a talent pool, build and support a team culture, and implement best practices.

I believe in a transparent recruitment process. As I appreciate my candidates’ time, I always strive to provide them with the most comprehensive information about the company that I am recruiting them for.
Our team
Valentyna Shunevych
Marketing and HR
Valentyna is Marketing Specialist and Digital Sourcer. She loves numbers, matchmaking automatization of all kinds of work.
Recommendation letters from Clients

Candidate feedbacks

Working with Maria is a nice mix between professionalism and pleasant interaction. Always solution-oriented and even in stressful situations she always stayed cool.
Senior Account Executive at LinkedIn
I am Dimitri and I can highly recommend Maria as a recruiter based on my own experience. Maria successfully got me a position in a tech-sales company I've only dreamed to work for.
Coming from a totally different industry, I would have never guessed that someone would give me a chance to get a recruiter in such a different world.
Maria has always been professional, empathetic, communicative, and has had the right intuition to not only give companies a good candidate but to give candidates a good company to work for. I'll always be grateful for this life-changing opportunity Maria gave me a chance for.
UA Marketing Specialist at and OG Protocol
From first contact to contract we spent only 1.5 hours of interviews - for me it was a proof of how good Maria is in recruitment. To be honest I don’t like the communication process with HRs and prefer to discuss all opportunities directly with Management, but Maria changed everything - she was a pro from our first chat to the final interview. Since now I trust HRs much more but the problem is that I don’t want to change my current position and I love my work. I'll always be grateful for this to Maria and mt-stuff
We will be eager to share with you some information on the following topics:

Data-driven recruitment funnels
Building an employer brand
Talent acquisition strategy
Smart recruitment policies
EU market salary overview
Hight qualified IT Specialist relocation possibilities to Europe


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